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Is the robot part of AI? Is AI part of robotics? What is the difference between these two terms? We answer this basic question. The purpose of robots and artificial intelligence is very different. However, people often confuse them. Many people want to know if a robot is a subset of artificial intelligence, or if they are the same thing. Let's get things done. The first thing to clarify is that rc robots robots and artificial intelligence are not the same thing at all. In fact, these two areas are almost completely separate. Robotics is the technical branch of robots. Robots are programmable machines that typically perform a series of actions autonomously or semi-automatically.

The robot interacts with the physical world through sensors and actuators. The robot is programmable. Robots are usually autonomous or semi-autonomous. I said that robots are "usually" autonomous because some robots are not. For example, remote-controlled robots are completely controlled by human operators, but remote-controlled robots are still classified as a branch of robotics. This is an example of the definition of robotics that is not very clear. It is surprisingly difficult for rc toy robots experts to agree exactly what is “robot”. Some people say that robots must be able to "think" and make decisions. However, there is no standard definition of "robot thinking." Asking the robot to "think" indicates that it has a certain degree of artificial intelligence. Whether you choose to define robots, robotics involves designing, building, and programming physical robots. Only a small part of it involves artificial intelligence.

Robotics and artificial intelligence are actually two separate things. Robotics involves building robots, while AI involves programming intelligence. However, I left a little confusion for you: software robots. A "software robot" is a term that gives a computer program that operates autonomously to complete a virtual task. They are not physical robots because they exist only in cool rc robots computers. A typical example is the search engine webcrawler, which roams the Internet, scans websites and categorizes them for searching. Some advanced software robots may even include AI algorithms. However, software robots are not part of robotics.

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