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During the Cold War, the military interest in robotics was unstable, and inventors repeatedly discovered that technically feasible things were more important than bureaucratic things. Robot systems are getting better and better, but the interest, energy and maturity stories they need to take off do not exist. The only substantial contract during the prolonged drought was the rc war robots unmanned reconnaissance aircraft that Ryanair received in 1962 for $1.1 million. The drone Fire Fly from it flew 3,435 missions in Southeast Asia. But overall, Vietnam's robot experience is as bad as the wider US military. Most uses of unmanned systems are classified, so few people know their relative success and there is no field testing or data collection to solve their problems (16% of Fire Flys crashes). As the senior robot scientist Robert Finkelstein pointed out, "the drone will take decades to recover from the misunderstanding in Vietnam."

The next large-scale military spending on the drone in the United States did not appear in the military's Aquila plan until 1979. Aquila is a small propeller powered drone that bypasses the front line and sends back information about the number and intent of the enemy. Soon, the Army began loading aircraft to meet new requirements. It must now carry night vision and laser pointers, live gunfire, defend against enemy ground fires, and more. Every new requirement comes at a price. The more cool rc robots drones you load, the bigger it is, meaning it is both heavier and easier to shoot down. The more secure you want to communicate, the lower the quality of the image it returns. So you want to start a robot project.

Our idea is to use commercial ATVs, remotely control them, and load them with missiles. Congress believes that all- terrain vehicles are interesting to the countryside children riding behind the trailer parking lot, but they are a bit too small for Soviet tanks. So the plan was cancelled. However, the military mistakenly believes that the real objection of Congress is the weaponization of the driverless system. "So," Finkelstein said, "The wrong interpretation made the weapon nearly mini rc robots a decade." Later we put the plan on hold, until today we applied it to the ai robot and some toys, of course, it is impossible to have power.

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