Very Cheap, Large Remote Control Robot for Children

This robot is designed to showcase the capabilities of our facilities and engineering teams. It is equipped with AI, modified custom face recognition. It also includes a termination switch and a complete onboard computer that can accommodate a variety of accessories. Its main role is to rc big robots clean and do housework, very powerful. It is very versatile and can also interact with children. It can be used for tutors, babysitters, etc., design, very noble, with intelligent sensor light, even for projectors.

Currently we can install an AI virtual game in front of it, it can also be programmed by itself, and it can play games with you if needed. It can be driven from a computer via a remote control or via WiFi, so you can be in an off-site location and still have rc toy robots full control. The robot remains idle until it receives a start signal and the engine is started and ready to be driven. As always, this robot is completely customizable, so if you have other uses, we would love to accommodate them.

Independent programming fighting mode, music and dance left/right rotation, arm swinging, learning, story, sliding and walking with LED lights. Charging time is about 2 hours, playing time can be 1~1.5 hours. Use super radar to find nearby enemies, lock the target and hit the enemy with a suction plate. Or continue searching for the target, find the target, and then launch it. The remote control distance can be up to 5 meters. Flexible multi-joints allow for a variety of combinations of movements to enhance the flexibility of the robot's movements. This is your child's best robot companion. It is a conceptual rc robots kits tool that teaches robotics, science, art and technology concepts to young people. It is a favorite robot for children and adults.

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