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Mini rc robots. Many people may think that mini rc robots is not a robot, if it is not autonomous, in other words, it can't move for a long time without manual intervention. In fact, robotic control systems have varying degrees of autonomy, remotely operated or remotely controlled mode robots - there is direct interaction between humans and robots, and humans can almost completely control the movement of robots - one of them. There is also an operator- assisted mode robot in which the mini rc robots operator can perform medium to high-level tasks, and the remote control robot automatically determines how to implement these tasks. As mentioned above, autonomous robots have no human interaction for a long time, but do not necessarily require more rc robots complex cognitive capabilities of the robot. For example, the assembly plant robot is not a remote control robot, but is completely autonomous. They operate in a fixed and repetitive mode.

While operator-assisted robots are widely used in space and military operations, remote controls or remote-controlled robots come in the form of home-made models and toys in the home. In fact, one of the most popular methods of robot control is through radio frequency or infrared, which allows the robot to operate from a distance by hand. Every day, people use robot technology as a hobby. Although it is definitely a complicated task, RC robots are still the easiest to build their own robots. Usually, a remote control robot uses a microcontroller as the brain of the robot. It receives information rc war robots from the sensor and the input portion of the HMI (remote control itemslef), decides what to do, and then sends commands to the output portion of the motion system and the HMI. This is usually done by writing a program and loading it into the microcontroller's memory.

Robots controlled via the Internet have also become popular, such as Spykee, a robotic toy that includes a USB webcam, microphone and speakers. The robot can be controlled locally via a computer or the Internet and can be moved to different locations within the local router. By doing so, Spykee can take photos and videos, listen to the surroundings with the onboard microphone transforming rc robots and play back built-in or recorded sound or music.

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